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ISONAS IP Access Control Systems & Installations In Northeast Ohio

access control door ClevelandOur advanced access control systems offer innovative technologies that integrate into a network of security solutions. They provide full-featured, state-of-the-art access control equipment to enhance the security capabilities of any sized commercial building. Features like integrated security software, web-based access control for several doors and locations, and visitor management systems offer flexible control.

North Shore Technologies in your local leader in commercial access control systems in Northeast Ohio. We carry top of the line security, phone, data, audio, and video solutions for businesses and homes throughout the Cleveland area. We are the Cleveland ISONAS IP Access Control supplier and installer for the education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, retail, financial, transportation, and other business industries.

If you would like a customized access control solution in Northeast Ohio, give us a call. We have the right solution for your business whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small retail store who needs to beef up security.

  • Manage access across all your locations
  • Assign or suspend access badge card or fob privileges
  • Mobile device access privileges
  • Reduce or temporarily elevate privileges & times
  • Access security for doors, carp parks, vehicles, & elevators
  • Access security alarms for violations
  • Event logging to verify & report access events and violations
  • Integration with a host of commercial security system hardware & software
  • Pure Access Cloud & Pure Access Manager software

Why Choose Our ISONAS IP Access Control Systems

The ISONAS IP Access Control System is a network-based reader that doesn't require the standard control panel at every access point. There is no complex wiring involved or power supplies needed, which makes them much more economical to install and maintain. The system integrates an innovative PowerNet reader-controller for a simpler, smarter alternative to traditional access control systems.

The technology allows multiple location management in real-time by using your existing IP network. That means that you can integrate all the access control locks for all your locations into one software application for easy management. It's a highly flexible system for today's commercial security applications.

Access Control For Healthcare

Whether you need facility access or both building access and internal access security, this system is for you. We can install your ISONAS IP solution for your lab, ambulances, medical cabinets, remote buildings, or campuses. This technology can handle varying schedules and can allow permissions for many different groups of people.

Multi-Tenant Access Control

With our system, you can control access to a group of properties in multiple buildings. The easy to use software will allow you to make changes to credentials at any time. You can also secure the clubhouse, pool area, or central building during any specific hours of your choice. Or you can grant access through only one point at a time.

Education Access Control

Whether you are part of a local school district, a classroom, or a large university, you will have customized access control solutions with North Shore Technologies. The ISONAS IP system can be customized to meet your educational institution needs whether you educate tens of thousands or just a few hundred.

Government & Municipality Access Control Systems

Our access control systems are the perfect solution for government buildings and municipalities. They can be installed in just one building or in all your municipal water treatment plants, vehicle maintenance facilities, fire department, and other locations. With this system, North Shore Technologies helps you comply with the state and federal guidelines to protect these important infrastructures.

Why Choose North Shore Technologies?

At North Shore Technologies, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line technologies like the ISONAS IP Access Control system. Since 2002, our highly skilled and certified technicians have been installing all types of networking, home automation, security systems, fiber-optic cabling, business phones, and other technologies for local homeowners and business owners.

As a family-owned and operated company, we are dedicated to superior service. This is why we invest in the education and skill of our technicians on a regular basis. If you are looking for the right electronic security system to protect your Northeast Ohio business, access control systems are something to consider.

If you would like more information about Security Camera Monitoring Systems in Northeast Ohio, please call 440-392-9928 or complete our online request form.

Arnie and his crew were very professional and courteous. The job ended up being more complicated than originally anticipated and took longer to complete. There were a couple of minor details that needed to be corrected on a subsequent visit. In all, the investment was well worth the price and the end result was more than satisfactory.
- Local Customer
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Excellent Service provider at reasonable/fair cost. I recommend Arnie to everyone in the Cleveland area. Installed an articulating TV wall mount and my new 52 Inch Sony LCD HDTV in my basement bar area. We enjoy the new addition to our living area every day!
- Dale | Mentor, OH
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