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Whole House Video Services in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio Whole House Video Installations & Repairs | North Shore Technologies

North Shore Technologies specializes in the installation of whole house video equipment for your Northeast Ohio area home. Whole house audio and video refers to an audio and video system that produces music and video cable signals in any room of your home.

Your new Northeast Ohio video system can include outdoor equipment so you can enjoy music or find out who's at your door through the intercom system while you're grilling or sitting out on the patio.

New technologies make our lives easier and much more fun! Being able to watch the same show or movie from room to room or have several rooms showing it at once makes entertainment convenient for you. The whole house video system also allows you to record from any location.

Video Cabling Installation

There are many ways you can enjoy audio and video from any room in your home. If you prefer to access videos or movies anywhere at any time, you'll love having whole house audio. This system will distribute your audio and video signals over cabling to multiple televisions throughout your home.

With a Northeast Ohio whole house video installation, cabling is run from your distribution hub from your service provider to each TV and speaker on the network. A centralized hub supports the system. This helps you to eliminate a lot of other equipment for your entertainment areas that would have otherwise been needed as individual components.

IR Distribution System for Remote Control

Lighting control, thermostat control, and other home system controls can be integrated into your whole house video system. You can even have remote control set up so you can access these controls from anywhere.

All your A/V equipment can be centrally localized in your home. There's no reason to have all types of components in each room when you can have one smaller system to handle it all. Enjoying video throughout your home is easy when you have remote access.

Your home is an oasis for you and your family. In our busy lives, it can be frustrating and difficult to try and set up these technologies for ourselves. North Shore Technologies is here to take that burden off your shoulders.

Sure, you want new technologies so you can live a better life, but having to mess with cords, cables, and technologies you don't really understand or have to read up on in order to get it connected just isn't worth it. Instead, call the professionals who already know about smart home systems and you'll be so glad you did!

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If you're looking for a Northeast Ohio whole house video installation service, please call today at 440-392-9928 or complete our online request form.

North Shore Technologies

Arnie and his crew were very professional and courteous. The job ended up being more complicated than originally anticipated and took longer to complete. There were a couple of minor details that needed to be corrected on a subsequent visit. In all, the investment was well worth the price and the end result was more than satisfactory.
- Local Customer
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Excellent Service provider at reasonable/fair cost. I recommend Arnie to everyone in the Northeast Ohio area. Installed an articulating TV wall mount and my new 52 Inch Sony LCD HDTV in my basement bar area. We enjoy the new addition to our living area every day!
- Dale | Mentor, OH
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