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Painesville, OH Home And Business Technology Services

Painesville Home and Business Technology Contractor | North Shore TechnologiesNorth Shore Technologies can help you with your wiring, cabling, audio, video, security, communications, data, and other technologies. We've been assisting the Painesville area with our services since 2002 and we would love the opportunity to assist you as well. If you're a Painesville homeowner or business owner, our services will be important to you.

Structured Wiring Systems in Painesville

Whether it's for business or home, Painesville structured wiring can bring your technology into the current century when it's planned out right. It is the backbone that all of your technologies rely on. Homeowners and business owners in Painesville can get all their equipment wired for sound, video, data, and networking. Smart home technologies rely heavily on structured wiring. This cabling or wiring will involve a set of subsystems that connect data and voice communications. When we provide other services for you, we'll begin with ensuring your structured wiring system is designed and installed as it should be in order to handle all your smart technologies.

Painesville Home Theater Systems

Whether you want a sophisticated home theater system with all the bells and whistles or you just want better sound and HDTV, North Shore Technologies is here for you. Don't worry about all the wires and equipment assembly because we'll always have you covered and when we're done, you'll not see the wiring. We can also help you with repairs for your home theater system, so never fear that after we've set yours up that you'll be stuck if something goes wrong or you want to upgrade or replace components.

Business Phone Systems in Painesville

Repairs and new installations for business phone systems is a specialty of ours. We can install and service an Avaya IP Office phone system which is perfect for small to medium businesses. The Avaya system will connect your text messaging, instant messaging, cell phones, office phones, paging system and more. You'll have the communication equipment you need to work effectively with staff, employees, and customers. Give us a call today so we can evaluate your needs.

Security and Access Control Systems for Painesville

Both businesses and homeowners in Painesville rely on security systems to keep people, assets, and buildings or homes safe and secure. Security monitoring systems can be installed for you. You can also have video recording and access control systems installed. Access Control Systems can be configured for the home or business. In today's world, more and more homes are constructed with access controls on the exterior doors so only those with the right code can enter. Businesses use access controls frequently in many ways. North Shore Technologies is your go-to team for security and access control systems in Painesville.

Painesville, OH

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If you're looking for a Painesville Structured Wiring or Cabling systems installation and repair service, please call 440-392-9928 or complete our online request form.

Arnie and his crew were very professional and courteous. The job ended up being more complicated than originally anticipated and took longer to complete. There were a couple of minor details that needed to be corrected on a subsequent visit. In all, the investment was well worth the price and the end result was more than satisfactory.
- Local Customer
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Excellent Service provider at reasonable/fair cost. I recommend Arnie to everyone in the Northeast Ohio area. Installed an articulating TV wall mount and my new 52 Inch Sony LCD HDTV in my basement bar area. We enjoy the new addition to our living area every day!
- Dale | Mentor, OH
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