Nortel Phone Systems Service & Repair

North Shore can keep your Nortel phone systems running at peak performance

In 2010, Avaya completed the purchase of Nortel including the Norstar, Meridian, and BCM line of phone systems. Avaya has decided not to continue selling the Nortel range of products. However, North Shore can program and support your Nortel Phone System. We can provide onsite service in Northeastern Ohio. Nortel Networks has been out of business since 2005, so new replacement parts will not be made in the future.

North Shore still has many of these parts. We also have reconditioned Nortel main control units (PBXs) that can be substituted for certain situations and configurations. However, if there is a major failure, we would recommend upgrading to an Avaya IP Office or VoIP phone system rather than spending what amounts to a large percentage of the purchase price on used equipment or service.

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Benefits of Nortel Phone Systems:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Enhanced security
  • Support for IP and digital phone sets
  • Advanced features for changing business needs


Our company specializes in providing comprehensive service and repair for Nortel phone systems. Despite the changes in the telecommunications landscape, Nortel systems have remained a staple for many businesses due to their reliability and robust features. With our expertise, we ensure these systems remain operational and efficient.

The Importance of Maintenance

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to prevent disruptions in communication. Any issues within the Nortel phone could hinder productivity and affect customer service. Our dedicated team at North Shore Technology is well-equipped to handle these challenges, providing prompt and effective solutions to keep your systems running smoothly.