Access Control

Increased security. Better insights. Anywhere, anytime control.

Looking for a convenient, reliable security solution to keep your
people and assets safe? access control has got you covered.

More than replacing metal keys with keycards, Access Control system from North Shore works on an app that lets business owners lock and unlock doors and view all activities at every location from anywhere, in real time.

Lock and unlock doors from anywhere thanks to smartphone app

No keycard? No problem. Whether it’s a vendor delivery who arrives during a busy work day, or an employee who forgets their access card, you can remotely open doors using your smart app. also lets you sync up automated locks with your hours of operation, taking security to the next level while also bringing you peace of mind.

Make granting and removing
employee access a breeze

Thanks to a single user-friendly dashboard, makes managing employee access from a smart device easy and efficient. Your authorized personnel will be able to create a new access device, grant or revoke an employee’s access, and adjust an employee’s access to specific areas of your premise at specific hours based on their schedule or role to reduce unauthorized entry risks.

Say goodbye to worries thanks to real-time insights

Designed to fully integrate with intrusion alarm systems, Access Control system keeps you armed with real-time insights and alerts. In addition to notifying you about unexpected activities like late store opening or unusual after-hours entry, our integrated activity timeline and user code tracking also help you track employee attendance and get a more detailed picture of the business flow.

Manage multiple locations from a single device

Whether your business has two branches in the same city or twenty locations across the country, app lets you view and compare activity trends from each location, manage employee access at different buildings, and control locking mechanisms of all locations from the same device.

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