Thinking of replacing your Nortel Networks phone system? Try these troubleshooting tips first

Thinking of replacing your Nortel Networks phone system? Try these troubleshooting tips first

Despite Nortel ceasing operations in 2009, there are still many Nortel phone systems being used today. If your company is using a Nortel Networks phone system, especially an older model, you may be worried that it’s past its prime. Dropped calls, frozen systems, or the inability to receive or make calls are some problems you may experience with older phone systems.

Given how important a reliable phone system is to your business, it’ll be disastrous should your Nortel phones completely break down. Fortunately, for business owners in Northeast Ohio, keeping your Nortel phone system running at optimum performance won’t be a problem, as long as you rely on tried and tested Nortel experts like our technicians at North Shore.

You could also try to troubleshoot issues with your Nortel phones yourself.

Troubleshooting your Nortel system

The following steps are easy to complete and work for common issues with Nortel phone systems.

1. Rule out external problems

It’s possible that the problem is not with your phone system but with your telephone service provider. Call your service provider, describe the problem you are experiencing, and find out if they have any issues that may be affecting the performance of your phone system.

2. Check your equipment

Make sure that the phone lines are properly installed, and that none of them are loose or have any visible damage (e.g., frayed or cut wires). Likewise, ensure that the cables are plugged into the correct connections. And finally, check for a dial tone.

3. Reset your phone’s connections and network settings

Think of this as rebooting your phone system. For a manual reset, do the following:

  • Take the handset off the hook.
  • Disconnect the telephone line.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Replace the handset.
  • Reconnect the line.

4. Perform a factory reset

Should the abovementioned manual reset fail, do a factory reset instead. You will need your Media Access Control (MAC) address that’s provided with your equipment. Dial “**Renew” and input your MAC address. You will know that the reset is complete when you hear a dial tone.

What if troubleshooting attempts fail?

Don’t panic, you still have the following options:

1. Have your phone repaired

Contact a reputable repair service provider. Otherwise, you may end up paying double because of faulty repair work.

2. Replace it with a refurbished unit of the same model

This option saves you money up front. But because you’re purchasing a secondhand device, you may end up with faulty equipment or one that can’t be repaired further. Make sure to buy a refurbished phone from a reputable source.

3. Upgrade to a newer Nortel model

By upgrading, you get a familiar system that also provides you with new options and additional features. What’s more, your system will be covered by a warranty.

4. Replace needed parts with Avaya components

Nortel’s enterprise solutions were purchased by Avaya. Because of this, Avaya built handsets and telephone systems that can integrate with many of Nortel’s devices. But this involves more than just replacing different parts; you'll need to make sure that the replacements are compatible with your device/phone system. So consult with experts first if you’re considering this option.

You can still enjoy the benefits of your Nortel phone system for years to come by taking care of it properly. Need help in repairing and maintaining your phone system? Consult our experts — call or email us today.