If there’s one key to the success of any business, it’s communication. One of the best ways to make sure that communication within your business is always as efficient as possible is with a structured cabling system.

Structured cabling systems are a single wiring network that carries all of your data, voice, multimedia, VoIP, PoE, and even wireless connections throughout your building or campus. Some of the things that make up structured cabling system include:

  • Cabling
  • Connection hardware
  • Telecommunications rooms
  • Work areas
  • Data centers
  • Desktop computers

At North Shore Technologies, our professional Northeast Ohio communications experts can help you design and install a business structured cabling system that will help you keep your business’ operations efficient at all times.

Structured Cabling Systems Consist Of:

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Telecommunications Room
  • Work Area
  • Equipment Room
  • Entrance Facility

Our professionals understand the importance of every one of these parts of your structured cabling system. We’ll work with you throughout every stage of the design and installation of your structured cabling system, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that every part of the system is as efficient and functional as possible.

The Importance of Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is as important to the success of your organization as your employees are. A well-planned structured cabling system will facilitate the flow of information throughout your business, enable the sharing of resources, promote efficiency while adapting to the ever-changing technology of your workplace and evolving with your organization.

A structured cabling system is the backbone of your Northeast Ohio organization, and if it’s well-designed and installed, it will serve your business well for years to come.

As LANs, MANs, and WANs have grown in importance, so has structured cabling. Today’s business networks are complex system running on many different technologies that all need to work together, and your structured cabling system is what allows them to.

Planning Your Structured Cabling System

Structured cabling systems should be carefully planned and designed so that they’re able to provide your Northeast Ohio business with the speeds and bandwidth that it requires for efficient communication. Our professionals will work with you directly to custom design a structured cabling that is perfect for your business.


Important considerations for your structured cabling system include:

  • Applications: Make sure that your system will be able to support data, voice, video, and multimedia applications.
  • Bandwidth: The demand for bandwidth will only continue to grow, so it’s important to make sure that your structured cabling system will be able to support plenty of bandwidth.
  • Growth: Anticipate the amount of users that you’ll need to support in the future, not just now.