Justifying the cost of a new business phone system can seem daunting sometimes, especially if you have a phone systemcurrently that doesn’t seem to be in dire need of an upgrade. As long as you are able to maintain a basic level of functionality and provide reasonable customer service, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of incentive to invest in the cost of upgrading,

but the simple fact of the matter is that by remaining proactive about these kinds of things, and staying ahead or your current needs, is one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to remain in a position where you are able to meet your employee’s and customer’s voice needs. You never want to find yourself in a spot where you are missing calls from potential customers or clients because your outdated phone system isn’t able to handle the call volume you are bringing in. To help you better identify when it might be time to consider making the investment in a new business phone system, our Northeast Ohio Wiring Systems Contractors have included a short list of four signs that your business phone system is due for an upgrade.

Your Phones Are No Longer Supported

One of the most common instances we run into of a customer needing this service is when they find themselves in a position where the hardware for their old business phone system is simply no longer being manufactured. We never recommend that you operate your business on an unsupported phone system, as the process is risky and an extremely short-term solution at best. Even if your old system is working well today, it is only a matter of time until you experience either an outage or a hardware failure, and when this happens, finding a suitable replacement will become an emergency concern.

Your Call Volume Has Increased

There is nothing that can ruin a potential customer’s day more than calling in for the service they need only to get a busy signal every time they try to call. Most customers aren’t going to do business with a company they can’t easily get in contact with. If your call volume has started to outpace your current phone system’s capability, it might be time to consider making the upgrade. While some companies find that just adding a couple of new lines works to solve their problems, many companies find that just going through and upgrading the entire system turns out to be the better fiscal choice.

You Need More Features & Functionality

Purchasing a dedicated teleconferencing solution to add on to your existing system might not be the cheapest option for upgrading your business phone system. New VoIP phone systems can support teleconferencing, conference calls, and a number of other add-on features seamlessly, and oftentimes the cost to upgrade will wind up being cheaper than purchasing multiple types of software and hardware to integrate into your current system.

You’re Adding Locations Or Moving

If your business is opening a new location, or moving locations, putting in a traditional phone system might not be the best financial choice. You will almost certainly find that paying for a single installation of VoIP across multiple sites is going to be cheaper than implementing a basic system now and upgrading to VoIP at a later time. VoIP can scale seamlessly across multiple users as well, which makes it a great choice if you are planning on aggressively growing your business over the next few years.