Your business phone system is the vehicle that can drive your business to success, especially if there is a lot of interaction with clients over the phone. The features involved in your particular business phone system can make or break the ability to take care of your customers well.

Let’s face it, customers can be very demanding. As a business owner or manager, you need to be ready to meet their demands. But you are aiming to meet their needs exceptionally well, so you’ll want to research the different features available in business phone systems today.

Are you currently able to automatically transfer calls? Do you have a toll-free number? Here are the top 10 features you’ll want to look into.

Key Features For Business Phones

  • Mobile App Integration Feature – Are you able to use your smartphone or tablet with your business phone system? With mobile app integration, you can use your smartphone or tablet for times you are away from your office and still want to be connected to your business phone system. It should be able to support iOS and Android phones.
  • IVR Feature – Interactive Voice Response lets your business phone system interact with callers through DTMF tones and voice so the caller can use voice commands or the telephone keypad to navigate to the right department or person.
  • Time Frame Feature – This allows you to create rules for routing calls based on certain times of the day. For instance, if you need to route calls because it’s Monday or you’re closed for the holiday, you have the technology to do it.
  • CRM Features – Being able to manage the relationships you have with customers is important. Your business phone system can help you do that. This helps your business and employees be more productive and more effective.
  • Conference Bridging Feature – The need to have a conference call with clients, employees, contractors, or customers is inevitable for any business. Your business phone system should be able to connect multiple people for one phone call.
  • Paging Group Feature – This feature allows you to use your phone to broadcast an announcement to a specific group on your team. Of course, you can still use it to convey information to everyone in your company quickly.
  • Ring Group Feature – This expands one phone extension to multiple phone lines so a group of phones ring when someone calls.
  • Auto-attendant Feature – Most businesses will benefit from an automated phone system which transfers callers to specific extensions without the need for an operator or receptionist.
  • Toll-Free Telephone Number – You may be missing calls without a toll-free number. A toll-free feature ensures you get all calls, even those who would otherwise be charged for the call. Customers appreciate not having to pay to ask you for help or information.
  • Voicemail For Every User – Instead of a person having to leave a message in a general mailbox that may not get checked as regularly as it should, the feature lets your business have a voice mailbox for everyone. You may also want to look into a voicemail widget where the message can be deleted, listened to, or transferred from a desktop PC.