5 Reasons DIY security system installations are bad for you

5 Reasons DIY security system installations are bad for you

Do-it-yourself (DIY) security systems are all the rage these days, as they are seen as cheaper alternatives to professional security systems that offer similar functionality. If deployed correctly, DIY security modules can be excellent augmentations to many closed circuit systems. But should they be considered as alternatives or even replacements for professional security systems?

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The short answer is no. Be it for your home or your office, DIY security systems cannot take the place of professionally installed security systems. DIY systems are prone to issues that can not only inconvenience you, but also those that can put your entire business at risk.

Why you shouldn’t DIY your security system

Here’s why you should leave your home or business security system installation to the professionals:

DIY systems are easy to exploit

DIY security systems are easy to install for a reason: manufacturers use standardized device pairing methods (for connecting your device to the security device) to make their products as user-friendly as possible. However, this also means that any hacker with enough time on their hands could dissect the product and learn how to exploit it. This could potentially result in unsavory characters having control over your surveillance videos, electronic door systems, and more. A professional system is better insulated from these types of attack.

They leave gaps in your system

DIY surveillance systems can leave blind spots in your office that you may not notice until it’s too late. Worse, DIY systems may fail to communicate intrusions and other irregularities in a timely manner, rendering them useless.

On the other hand, professionally installed security systems are designed to provide total visibility and give you several layers of protection working together in unison. These offer true 24/7 coverage and come with custom-designed video camera systems that users can access for monitoring or review on any authorized smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You’ll have no built-in support

With DIY security systems being so easy to install, it's easy to overlook support. With disparate DIY security systems, integration is a common issue, and without reliable support, you run the risk of security downtimes. Professional security systems, on the other hand, are usually bundled with built-in support services. This helps ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum, and contingencies are deployed wherever needed.

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You might create interference for your whole network

Cabling is an inevitable part of any security system deployment, but the key difference between professionals and DIYers is that the pros will know how to situate cables properly, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. For instance, professional installers can help you explore cable options to maximize bandwidth and create shielding from network interference. Network interference is one of the leading causes of poor Wi-Fi performance, which is a pain whether at home or in the office. So it’s best to leave any type of installation that involves cables and wires to the pros.

False and nuisance alarms will occur more often

A study by Cornell University students on fire alarms found that the growing number of sensors and developing technologies increase the likelihood of nuisance and false alarm rates. The study also found that frequent false and nuisance alarms require more operators to maintain current system performance levels. The bottom line is, false and nuisance alarms result in unnecessary building evacuations, halted operations, and increased labor costs.

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