As a business owner, nothing could be more important than securing your assets. The building you do business out of, the people that work there, the customers or clients you service, and all your equipment are assets that a commercial security system protects. If you think your security needs are being met by an alarm system, think again.

An alarm system is a necessary part of protecting assets, true, but there are other commercial security solutions that need to be considered no matter the size of your business. Here are some pointers on how to plan an effective security system whether you own the business or manage the commercial property.

How Strong Is Your Security System Now?

Find out how strong your current commercial security system is by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How advanced is the alarm system? Most criminals know that many alarm systems use radio frequency. They also know that some alarm systems can be bypassed with a magnet and scotch tape. Did you? Unless you are a criminal, highly doubtful, you wouldn’t know that a standard alarm system is not good enough for commercial security. Any radio signal can be jammed, wires can be cut, and networks hijacked. If you really want your commercial property secure, consider a video surveillance system in addition to the alarm.
  2. If you have video cameras, are they positioned optimally? It is best to monitor all the entrances and exits of the building as well as the windows. You may also need to upgrade the cameras if they don’t provide a good enough image to identify a person or see what they’re holding. Blurry or blocky images do little good. Upgrade to a video camera system that ties into the alarm and other security systems. Choose one with video feed that can be seen from anywhere including your smartphone.
  3. Are there emergency alarms in the building? Natural disasters like fire and storm floods can happen. There are emergency alarms available that sense the presence of water, smoke, and CO2. Choose the ones that connect to other security systems.
  4. How’s your cyber security? Network hacking is a real problem that you can’t neglect. If you have internet in your business, cyber security is an investment that is well worth it. It won’t be enough to have a dedicated connection for your credit card terminals. You need individualized solutions that protect your business data and the privacy of your customers and employees.

If you need to buff up the security of your business, your best option is to contact a technology contractor like ours at North Shore Technologies for a consultation about your security system needs. We know the latest and most affordable options available on the market today and can help you come up with a plan to beef up your commercial security systems.

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