February 10th, 2020

The experts at North Shore Technologies can help you optimize your digital learning equipment to give your students a better learning environment. Our K-12 technology solutions include design and installation of educational system cabling to give your students the edge they need for better career opportunities.

We can help with intercom or mass notification systems, large format projectors, audio & video distributions, and more.


Educational Wi-Fi Networking

We can get you set up with a Wi-Fi solution to meet all your students needs. Wi-Fi is also beneficial for your record keeping and business processes. With our technicians, you’ll have the speed you’re looking for. With all the laptops, tablets, and e-readers being used in the classroom today, having great Wi-Fi solutions will be critical to their learning environment.


Wireless Presentation Systems

Gone are the old days of rolling in a huge TV with a video player for students to watch educational videos. Learning equipment of today has gone digital, streaming, and wireless. With a wireless presentation system, your classrooms of students will have presentation display from laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Teacher conferences and business meetings will never be easier.


Charging and Storage Solutions

Instead of scrambling for outlets to plug into to charge your student’s and teacher’s communication and learning devices, why not ask us about our charging and data storage solutions? We have the right equipment to handle all your charging and data storage needs for your K-12 technology solutions. Our charging systems will support all sizes and types of mobile devices.

Learning can happen all day, every day no matter whether you have electronic equipment or not. But with today’s advancements in technology, there’s no reason to stick to the old ways of teaching. While it’s not a good idea to only use digital systems to help students learn, electronic devices can help them to learn better and faster.

Having the right equipment in the classroom can allow teachers to provide a better one on one experience for all their students. Today, it just doesn’t make sense to have a traditional classroom with no audio/video system, computers, laptops, or tablets. In fact, many believe that digital learning contributes to a deeper learning experience.

At North Shore Technologies, we realize you’re interested in solutions that can help you cut costs. Why not contact our representatives to find out what K-12 technologies can do to help you save. A good wireless network that integrates other devices and systems will go a long way to solve many of your current problems.

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